About Joe McArdle Repairs. Be reassured, we can put things right.

Highly skilled specialists. We don't just take the expensive option of replacing damaged body work. If repair is the better option we have the skills to fix it.

Garage Front

Aviva Certificate Approved Repairer

Insurance Approved Repairer You can be confident of great service and a quality repair.

We are approved repairers for Aviva. We are regularly audited by Aviva representatives to ensure quality repairs and customer service.

Courtesy Cars Supplied You won't be left without a car.

You won't be left without a car. We have our own courtesy Polos, Yaris's etc. and supported by Practical Car And Van Hire. There is no brash stickers or adverts on our car bonnets or doors, just simple great courtesy cars.

Our Courtesy Cars


Special Paint Technology On-site Paint mixing system.

Proud to be Glasurit Paints and De-Beer Primer customer.

Recovery 24 hour recovery service provided.

We can provide car recovery across the region. Full recovery loader lifting the entire car onto the back of the lorry.

24hour Car Recovery Service

Spray Bake Paint Booth image

Paint Oven Baked Baked Paint Finish.

Spray paint carried out in Car Oven, air ventilation controlled, minimizing dust and giving perfect painting environment.

Paintless Dent Removal Saving time and money.

Experienced team have the skills to repair small dents without the need for panel removal or painting.

Panel Repair

Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration Classic cars restored to glory

Traditionally body panels on classic vehicles tend to be hand made. Our team has the panel beater skills to repair rather than replace these panels. We can even fabricate new panels.

Fibreglass Repairs Yes, Glassfibre panels can be repaired.

Commercial vehicles may have glassfibre constructed panels. We have experience in treating the Fibreglass material to fix holed boat, broken surfboard or torn motorcycle fairing.

Fiberglass Repairs


Welding Acetylene welding, Brazing, Spot-welding.

We have been asked to braze bicycle frames, reweld motorbike cracks, fabricate trailers, weld farm gates...

Alternative Spray-painting Services Other painting needs?

Our workshop spray paint equipment allows us to carry out a variety of painting requirements. We can produce a fine lacquer finish on delicate antique furniture.

Alternative Painting

Member of Ariba Discovery

Ariba Discovery Member Find us on Ariba Discovery as a Motor Vehicle Repairer

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