My Auris How I got my Auris.

I love my Auris. Big and small, comfortable and sporty. Here is the story;-

Auris Repaired

Auris Front Damage

Just what I was looking for!Looking for a low mileage car at a good price

We are are able to locate cars from a wide variety of sources. I was looking for a young car medium sized car with low mileage that I could afford. This Auris was ideal. The damage made it affordable buy and repair.

New parts versus repaired panels Which option is cost effective.

We replaced the bonnet, grill, bumper and headlamps mostly from local Salvage and Car Breakers. The wings were repaired just like new.

Auris Right Hand Wing Damage

Airbags replaced and reprogrammed

Airbags Deployed - Not a problem.

Airbags can be replaced, seltbelt tensioners etc. Once the airbags were sourced (we used an Cork firm for the Control Unit), we used local Garage services in the Dundalk area to reprogram the Airbag Control Unit and clear the dashboard warnings.

Repair Skills at the heart of the story Panel repair, paint, reassemble as DRIVE.

Using panel beating, wielding, filing, draft assembly, sandpapering, primer, it's ready for painting. Our Oven Spray Booth gives us a clean environment to spray. We're not finished there. Exterior panels are rubbed down with fine sandpaper and then we fire up the polisher to buff up a brilliant shine.

Oven Baked repaint

I Love my Auris

3 years later, 3 MOT's later Solid.

We've got a great car. Things that can be spotted in other repairs won't be found on the Auris. Perfectly blended painted panels matching the original colour. Uniformed Panel gaps, no wide gaps between the door and wing panels or bonnet. With years of experience in car setup, the Auris has a geat smooth ride evident by all 4 tyres wearing evenly